2015 Will Be The Year Of Video Marketing

So says Tyler Lessard, CMO of video-hosting platform Vidyard.
(Full disclosure - I know Tyler.  Past client - way smart guy!)

The change trends he calls out:

  • Video will become an integrated part of marketing. 
  • Analytics and attribution will become a new, key source of customer insight
  • Video will become a strategic lead-generation tool
  • YouTube will be a complement, not the focus
  • Analytics will integrate

Read Tyler's article - he goes into more depth, that's just my re-summary.

I'm particularly glad to see someone knowledgeable call out YouTube as a complementary strategy.  Not only do I agree - I've got the data to prove it.  We're prepping an in-depth, metrics-driven case study that shows conclusively that YouTube is a destination, not a channel. I'd say more, but that time should really go into writing the case study!

We've armed enough clients with video content to call a few trends ourselves.  What I see - and I think this syncs with Tyler's observations - is that video is moving from novelty marketing asset to mainstream content form. The customers who are getting incredible value from a ▶▶ video library are the ones who use that content.  They don't just park it somewhere (cough web site cough) and assume the job is done. They use it as a content asset, and put it to contextually-appropriate use in every possible channel - social, email, web - NOT just one web page - and more.

Stay tuned for that case study. I was truly surprised by what happened (and didn't happen).