It's About The Writing

A 1-minute voiceover script is about 150 words. 

Not much, is it?

Out of the million or so words in English (yes, that's the number now), writing a short script requires picking the few meaningful terms.  

Worse, since it's going to be spoken rather than read with the eyes, voiceover requires more repetition, and attention to cadence, assonance and all those other terms you heard once in an English class.

It's a tricky, fun and interesting challenge.  

Writing quite a few of them has made me appreciative of the skill involved.  So I pretty much HAVE to share this little gem.  Trust me, it's worth the <2 minutes.

I don't have an opinion on Scotland's referendum - or no qualifications to have one.  So posting this doesn't constitute support for either position - just a hat-tip to some very deft writing.