Run A Social Business

Dang, this is great.  Really great.

HubSpot, for those of you who don't know, is probably the dominant platform in "inbound marketing."  They seem to think they invented inbound marketing, although I think there are seed catalogs from the 19th century that were there first.  Leaving that aside..

Ms. Fitton is a smart, energetic and no-BS speaker.  (I particularly enjoy the fact that she uses real-world terms like BS - I'm prone to do that on stage myself.)

At 3:18 she has a slide that says

"Solve problems or share resources, don't shill.  What marketing content will your customers THANK you for?"

Fantastic.  Yes. 

I think there's an insidious notion about marketing content, fostered by search and SEO - namely, that people are interested in originality.  

They're not.

They're interested in solving problems or understanding things.  

IF you have an original solution - not just re-statement of an existing solution - by all means share it.  

If you can share an existing solution and save your energy for solving something else - instead of restating so Google will like you - then please do that.