Imagine the reaction from your customer base when you tell them

“We can deliver 50 legal-terms explainer videos, in English and Spanish, branded for you, by tomorrow - fully hosted, with unlimited deliveries.  You will get 50 new posts on your website, 100 video/GIF files for social media posts, and ready-to-use email templates with customer-friendly video content.”

Custom explainer videos cost $2500 or more; you can provide your customers $125,000 worth of content for a monthly subscription price that you set.

The FFWD Legal Library comprises 50 ‘explainer’ videos (25 in English, 25 in Spanish), created by the same explainer-video studio used by Amazon, NBC, Verizon and many other Fortune-500 firms.  Each video provides a concise, clear explanation of a common legal term or concept with visuals, voiceover and on-screen text to aid comprehension.


Fast Forward’s branded explainer libraries shatter the cost/hassle barrier for video.  This unique content-as-a-service offering gives platform companies that provide websites, email/CRM/messaging or online marketing for attorneys a turnkey way to generate new recurring revenue.

Customer Deliverables

Each of your subscribing customers receives a branded set of explainer videos. Services include:

  • Video library branding, provisioning, hosting & unlimited delivery.

  • Website import files (HTML, XML/Wordpress or your custom format) pre-populated with customer videos, including a written post for each video.

  • Branded ‘teaser’ video and GIF files. These may be uploaded to social-media networks to drive additional traffic.

  • Email-platform integration, with branded thumbnails & merge fields for many email platforms.

  • A web-based portal for sharing, posting and texting videos.


  • Pricing and business terms?
    FFWD charges an inexpensive “wholesale” rate, which is tiered based on volume, plus a low setup fee for each custom library. Partners set their own ‘retail’ pricing, bundling and other arrangements. FFWD provides content, setup, ongoing hosting and unlimited video delivery. This is a white-label arrangement; you own the customer.

  • What are the technical requirements?
    No integration is required. Partners place library orders via web form; FFWD returns import files, thumbnails and other assets via file share. We can provide import files for custom website platforms as well.

  • What work do partners have to do?
    Partners just fill in a web form with a handful of text fields and 2 brand graphics per-order. Typically, once video libraries are set up on sites, imported to email systems and so on, customers utilize the content for years.

  • How long are the videos?
    1 minute, on average. Long enough to explain the topic, short enough to hold consumer attention.

  • How often is content updated?
    We update videos if facts or legal standards change; content updates “in-place”, without any work from partners or their customers.

  • Is this a proven service?
    FFWD has been delivering branded libraries for partners in real estate, mortgage and title insurance since 2003; we currently have over 150,000 videos deployed. Churn rate for partner libraries has never gone above single-digits. The legal world is a new market for us, and we’re selective about partners.

Want To Learn More?

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