David Fletcher - RealtyTimes Spanish-language Videos

"A couple was considering a house, and when I showed the husband our Spanish-language Fast Forward video on closing costs, he lit up like a Christmas tree," said Ken Harris of Welcome Center Realty in Port St. Lucie, Florida. "It clarified things that would have been hard for him to follow had I just explained them in English. It sealed the deal."

Fast Forward Stories founder Dr. Matthew Dunn did not wake up in the middle of the night five years ago and see his work solving one of the great communications issues of the day, but that is exactly what his product is set to do for the real estate industry in English and Spanish.

His company licenses explanation videos to companies that need to explain difficult terms to people who need to know what they mean. If you have ever been asked the same question a second time or more, you know how frustrating this can be, especially when the person who needs the information does not understand you tried to explain.

Full article by the eloquent and charming Mr. David Fletcher here...