RealtyTimes: "Explanation Videos Proving Popular..."

The inestimable David Fletcher of Inman and Realty Times fame spent an astonishing amount of time understanding what we're trying to do.  I've worked with many journalists. They're inherently cool people - they have to be, in a profession under that kind of strain. Mr. Fletcher is the cream of the crop.  He knows the real estate world, knows how to tell a story, and is still as curious as a kid.  

Here's the high points. Follow the link to get the full article:


For those of you who are looking for a way to grab prospective home buyers attention and keep them accurately and thoroughly informed through the home buying process at 'on demand' speed, click here.

What you will find are over 170 short explanation videos for real estate, mortgage, title companies and homebuilders on topics related to just about everything real estate touches.


There is a lot of 'me too' technology out there that promises something better, cheaper or faster than their competition. From what I can see, this application of explanation videos is as practical and customer focused as any real estate technology to come along in years. 

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