Video Content Is King

Say It Visually - our parent studio - has been commissioned by some of the biggest companies in the country (and world) to create explanation videos of the toughest topics.  Their clients include Amazon, Chevron, MetLife, P&G, PWC, 15 different State Departments of Health and more. Their videos have earned clients well over 2 million viewers.

With their backing, after a few experiments and a lot of learning, the Fast Forward Stories subsidiary launched in earnest in 2013, with the Real Estate Explanations library.

In the past year, we have created hundreds of videos on real estate, mortgage, title and related topics, and engineered an entirely new platform to help clients deploy their videos worldwide.

We've made it so easy that a business client can add 100+ pages of content to their website, with their branded videos pre-embedded, in about 60 seconds. Enterprises can roll out co-branded video to thousands of agents & employees, and track metrics on every single video.

Our aim is simple:  make explanation video content a service.  Any business from the solo real-estate agent or mortgage broker up to a national franchise should be using great video content to help their customers understand key ideas. 

The company is privately backed, and based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  

"This isn't just about video and real estate; it's about a profound shift in how we communicate and learn. I've been studying visual and narrative communication for over 30 years - what look like 'simple cartoons' are careful, compact explanations designed to make tough subjects clear."  —Matthew Dunn, Fast Forward Stories

Explainer video production involves...

  • Analysis & Research
  • Creative Concepts
  • Screenwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Voiceover
  • Music Sourcing/Licensing
  • Animation
  • Audio Production
  • Video Production
  • Intellectual Property & Licensing
  • Technology
    • Video Postproduction & Rendering
    • Video Hosting
    • Wordpress & Website Integration
    • Ecommerce & Subscriptions (PCI Secure)
    • Social Media
    • Metrics
  • And a lot of code!