Hispanics & The Real Estate Market (Fannie Mae 1)

Fannie Mae just released the results of a national survey.  Here's their exec-summary punchlines:

"The Hispanic population is likely to be a substantial source of growth in homeownership demand in the U.S."


Hispanics are more likely than the general population to prefer owning and to expect to buy a home in the near term, despite concerns about getting a mortgage.

The full study is here: Fannie Mae National Housing Survey - Hispanics: A Key Driver of Future Homeownership Demand.

Source:  Fannie Mae 

Source:  Fannie Mae 

I include this next chart with a caveat.  Yes, the change in mindset shown by the gap between red and blue, particularly in the last few quarters, is a dramatic story.  The visual communications method is poor, though.  It's not a zero baseline - in fact, the baseline isn't even stated!  (On a guess, the baseline of this chart is 50%).  

So the VISUAL says that Hispanics are now more than twice as likely to say that lifestyle benefits blah blah blah (18% vs 8% is what's charted, when you account for the baseline.)  The actual gap is much smaller - 68% vs 58% is only a 15% difference.

Source: Fannie Mae

Source: Fannie Mae

Regardless...this is cool.

We invested in translating and producing an additional 75 videos with Spanish captions. Language shouldn't be a barrier to making decisions about something as important as a home.