Happy Grasshopper: NICE!

I ran across the company/service called Happy Grasshopper, and thought they were doing something really fresh and smart.  This is what they say about themselves: 

"We use email to create conversations for
salespeople, small business owners & professionals."

They combine content - in their case, engaging writing and content links - with technology (email platform.) 

On a whim, I wrote to their customer service address - hey, hi, you don't know me but there are some parallels, maybe there's an opportunity to work together.

Celeste - who I think is one of the co-founders - responded within 24 hours, and we were on the phone the next day.  She was as engaging and charming as their emails, with a wealth of wisdom about the real estate professionals as a market.  (Thanks very much, Celeste!)

If you're struggling to stay in touch with people you know, or build your recruit base, take a look at the Happy Grasshopper.  If you're like me, all things being equal you'd rather do business with people you like.  These folks are very real & very likable - check 'em out.

(cool service, too!)