Do You Know This Driver Of Homeownership Demand?

What group of Americans, by ethnicity, is growing fastest and is more likely to prefer owning a home?  

According to FannieMae's study last November, the Hispanic population is likely to be a substantial source of growth in homeownership demand. The Big Fan conducted @3,000 telephone interviews (in 2012), and brought out this report.  It's really worth a look.


We ran across this study when we were developing our  library for real estate.  It prompted us to take the plunge and double up on the library, creating a second version of each video with Spanish captions. (My best friend of the last 40 years is Mr. Garcia, so it wasn't that hard to get behind the decision.)

If you're interested, in fact, the free video of the month for March is this one:

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A very very smart real estate CEO told me once that his success was all about paying attention to demographics. He was referring to the Baby Boomers, but that's not the only wave in the pool. This one looks pretty significant - California, Texas, Florida anyone?