How Real Estate Companies Are Getting Results With Video

Inman posted a nice interview with Stephen Schweickart of VScreen.  I'm sharing it here 'cause, obviously, we think video is a really good idea.

VScreen is another great source of video content for professionals in the real estate market.  Their current offering is 20 Consumer Tips videos, with 4 rotating every month, at $249/mo. Judging from the interview, it's YouTube centric as well.

The live models and real sets are really polished - nice looking, professional, businesslike. 

For what it's worth, we don't use live-action video for a very simple reason: visual communication is too important.  If we want to show a bag of money and a house balancing on the tip of a bank, we can. (We did, actually).  Live video is constrained by that pesky thing called "reality."(Research shows that line drawings convey distinct concepts more clearly than photographic images.  Makes sense if you think about it.)

It's just a different design tradeoff, really; nobody is going to describe line animation as "polished".  I have no doubt that there are lots of real estate folks who are going to prefer the familiar model-on-a-set video look.  Plenty of room in the pond! Take a look at VScreen here