Hispanic Consumers & Mobile

PWC (PriceWaterhouseCoopers if you're old enough) just released a study entitled "Mi Móvil: Hispanic consumers embrace mobile technology."  They're a former client of ours - we created a video aimed at both personnel and clients, that helped them explain their inductive-reasoning approach to strategic consulting. So we keep an eye on what they publish. Smart company!

But I digress. 

Hispanic-Americans are the fastest-growing minority in the US, and as mentioned elsewhere, a powerful force in real estate.

This PWC study is based on a recent nationwide survey of 500 Hispanics and 500 non-Hispanics, age 18-65, augmented by focus groups and social media "listening campaign."

My cherry-pick of the relevant stuff:

  • Hispanic consumers use their mobile devices more.
  • They perceive themselves as inherently more mobile
  • Entertainment matters, including Spanish language as-desired
  • Access to critical information is key
    • "They tend to use Internet and social media information more often than non-Hispanics"
    • They share significant concerns about sharing personal information
  • And "Hispanic consumers both stream and download video content to a greater degree than non-Hispanics."

Wow. That's a big difference in video habits.

Candidly, at times I thought everyone else in the company here figured my interest in captioning our videos in other languages - starting with Spanish - was a little Quixotic.  (Don who??) Piffle.  

Look at the demographics.  I realize Hispanic ≠ Spanish-speaking - duh.  But nobody should be excluded from decisions as big as housing because of language barriers.

We designed our video library with mobile in mind - the visuals, sound and length are tailored to suit consumer preferences for mobile-video viewing.  (And our awesome video platform, Wistia, plays them beautifully on every mobile platform we've tested.)

From http://www.pwc.com/us/en/industry/entertainment-media/publications/consumer-intelligence-series/assets/pwc-consumer-intelligence-series-hispanic-consumers-mobile-technology.pdf

From http://www.pwc.com/us/en/industry/entertainment-media/publications/consumer-intelligence-series/assets/pwc-consumer-intelligence-series-hispanic-consumers-mobile-technology.pdf

If your market includes Hispanic-Americans, take a long look at how you're meeting their needs as customers.  And let us know if we can help.