Explains With Video

Elizabeth Banks?  Cool! engaged the one-of-a-kind Elizabeth Banks to create a new video series - "the HOME-BUYING PROCESS in PLAIN ENGLISH with ELIZABETH BANKS".  Click the visual to see the series.

One of our customers wrote in - "Oh, gee, isn't this competition for you?"

Nope.  More education is good, not competition.

All 6 of these are sharp, professional, engaging - and branded for  The more they're distributed and used, the better for  If your business objective is to increase the traffic to, by all means grab the embed codes and put them on your web site, use them in social media posts, email campaigns and so on.  

There's a different design philosophy in these 6 videos than the one guiding our 150+ videos.  Visuals in these videos serve to engage, but not necessarily to inform. Elizabeth Banks is fun to watch, but her face and gestures don't provide visual representations of the terms, concepts and relationships she's talking about.  Plain English - yes.  Plain Visuals - no. (The banner graphic above has visuals - the videos don't.  Interesting...)

Hats off to for moving to video, for sure.  And it's definitely worth your time to check these out. They're reasonably short and very polished. Good content marketing. If you want to try that yourself, and can't afford Elizabeth or her house...give us a call :-)