NEW! Canadian Video Library

The mountains of Canada (and chairlifts at Grouse) are visible from the deck of FFWD Intergalactic Headquarters.  We're Canada fans, and we've had a surprising number of requests for Canadian content.

This new library is a starting point, with a special price AND some strings attached.

We've selected 55 videos based on a review by several Canadian brokers.  They aren't 100% perfect for Canadian practices and rules, and there are (still) some US references in the content.

So we're offering this library at a VERY low price.  We'll listen to your input, and we'll fix references and terms if possible.  We can't promise to re-do everything, but we need your specific feedback to know what to fix. We'll tee up a special email alias to make it easy.

When we're done with the update, assuming we have at least 50 videos to offer, current subscribers will get to keep that rate as a thank-you for their assistance.


(No, that background isn't permanently part of the videos :-)