Enterprise Video Content Platform


Harnessing the incredible leverage of video in enterprise marketing requires a complete platform - conduit (technology) plus content.  Great content builds relationships; an enterprise-grade video system  provides integration and metrics for deep market insight.  The FFWD Enterprise solution gives you both.  Picture the benefits of

  • Tracking exactly what videos your leads are watching.
  • Recording second-by-second view data for compliance and verification.
  • Triggering campaigns by viewing behavior.

Enterprise branding options include a master-branded library, as well as A/B, sub-branded (branch/employee) and co-branded (business partner) libraries.  The video delivery platform (built on Wistia) enables integration, metrics and best-in-class video delivery, including mobile optimization and content distribution network (CDN) caching.

Summary of Key Benefits:

  • Named Viewers - video metrics by customer
  • Lead capture within videos*
  • Non-intrusive compliance and viewing records
  • Score leads based on video interaction*
  • Transform website interaction;
    raise time-on-site, recall and SEO ranking
  • Improved email response rates through email platform integrations and drip campaigns
  • Deep customer insights through video metrics
  • Direct Google Analytics integration for cross-media pattern analysis
  • Social-media content control - employees can't re-write, competitors can't borrow.

The Enterprise option is appropriate for organizations strategically committed to video and content in their marketing.  

With mature integration to the most powerful sales and marketing systems available, instead of a 'video silo' you gain the video multiplier across all your digital channels. (Capabilities vary by marketing platform; discuss options with your FFWD consultant.)

Detailed explanation of branding, with examples.

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