Enterprise Video Content Platform

The Enterprise platform is a comprehensive video-content platform for marketing-driven companies. We rebrand and re-render every frame of every video, and provision them on a dedicated subdomain.  

Transform your web site, email & CRM templates, social-media footprint and mobile media

 Get unprecedented content-marketing tools:

  • Hundreds of search-unique videos, re-rendered with your branding on every frame.
  • Lead capture within each video, wherever it's embedded.
  • Integration with Hubspot/Pardot (Salesforce) for inbound marketing, or
    integration to 22 other major email marketing platforms.
  • SEO Sitemaps to dramatically increase search ranking, leveraging your unique video assets.
  • API Access, with methods and functions for stats, data, embedding and player control.
  • Google Analytics integration.
  • Closed Captions in English & Spanish make your websites ADA compliant.
  • Multiple admin/management logins.
  • World-class video metrics, including named viewers.
  • Auto-sensing HTML5 delivery via CDN.
  • Co-brand options for your business partners and associates.


In 2014, Facebook surpassed YouTube in desktop video views, and Facebook video views are growing rapidly. Only Enterprise customers have the option of deploying files directly on Facebook and YouTube.  Call us to discuss.


Call (888) 618-9088 to discuss your needs and get quote/availability.