Fast Forward Stories FAQs

What can I brand on the videos? How?

  • The image that shows before a video plays is called a thumbnail. We develop creative treatments from subscriber logo, graphics and company info.  On approval, we produce the thumbnails (1 for each video) and apply them to the library.
  • The image that shows up after play is complete is called a 'brand overlay' or 'call-to-action graphic.'  We'll develop those along with thumbnails. You can also create your own graphic (1280x720 PNG) and send it to be applied.

How do I customize my library?

You fill in a web form with your brand information. Provide text and graphics (logos, pictures, background images). We'll create the required graphics and apply them to your library.  Yes, you'll get proofs. Yes, we'll revise them. Yes, we'll update them for you if something changes.

Can I put the videos on my web site?

Yes. We provide web import files with written articles and the video embed codes for your library. Formats include plain text for easy copy/paste, a Wordpress import file, and HTML code for an easy one-page library. Post all of them, or some of them - you're in control.

Can I share the videos on social media?

Yes. Everyone on your team has access to your video sharing portal - a web page with your whole library. Each video has 1-click social sharing buttons.

They can also just paste the video URL into posts or tweets.

Can I send the videos in email?

Yes. We create embed links automatically, with custom links for most of the major email marketing platforms. 

These insert the correct thumbnail into email messages, and link to the landing page you choose.

For desktop email - just right-click on any video.  Select "Copy link and thumbnail" - then paste into your email message.

Can I tweet an individual video, with my branding?

Yes.  And it plays right in the page with the tweet. Your logo & customization details pop up at the end, and the window is linked to your URL. 

Do these play on mobile devices?  Tablets?

Yes.  Single videos (sent as a link, or on a web page) are best.  

Is this HTML5?

Yes.  Auto-switching, device sensing.  Flash where the device supports it, for now. Global content distribution network backing it all.  Amazing technology.

Can We Get The Video Files? 

Yes - that's what the Download option provides.

Can We Put The Videos On YouTube?

Yes, with the Download option.

How Do You Secure Subscriber Data?

We are fully PCI compliant; we don't handle or store customer financial information directly. The subscription platform, Recurly, has top-notch security to keep your information safe.  (Recurly is the subscription platform used by LinkedIn and thousands of other companies.)

How do I change my billing information?

Go to

  • Enter your account email address on the bottom (first time only)
  • You’ll get an email with a “reset password link.” 
  • Set up a password for yourself.
  • The next screen will include an “Update Billing Information” button.

If you've gone through this before, just log in and change your information.  

How Do I Cancel My Subscription? 

Call (888) 618-9088 or email to cancel. We'll stop your subscription renewal. Your video library will be deleted at the end of the period, and the videos will stop working.  We'd appreciate knowing what we can do to keep your business, of course!

Where Can We Get Help?

There's an extensive set of video tutorials at

Or email

Or give us a call - (888) 618-9088 - during Pacific time business hours.