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Meaningful, engaging content is the only route to genuine engagement and attention now.  Creating value by providing relevant material in a useful form - in the shortest possible time - is the starting point for business relationships.  Nothing does this better than video.

If you've thought "explainer videos are too expensive" or "it's too complicated and technical"...you've landed on the right home page.  We offer two options:

  • Downloads:  one-time payment, branded video file (no hosting or marketing services)
  • Subscriptions: low recurring payments, branded videos with hosting and marketing services

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Fast Forward Stories provides engaging subject matter with the expertise necessary to very clearly explain a variety of complex categories. The videos simply walks the viewer, step by step through the information that can otherwise be very confusing. 
All the qualities of Fast Forward Stories have exceeded my expectations and as a result, I am continually gaining the trust of numerous potential buyers and sellers and becoming a sought after, value-added business partner.
I have been receiving almost daily praise over the video content. Viewers love the topics and rave about how thoroughly they are explained in layman's terms. The videos are easy to understand and very entertaining to watch. 
Producing, writing, editing,  and starring in a television show for NBC and The CW is extremely time consuming and tedious. With Fast Forward Stories, I know that there is one less segment to worry about for each episode. Matthew has been incredibly helpful and always responds to my questions in a timely matter, thus making my entire relationship with Fast Forward Stories nothing but enjoyable. 
Fast Forward Stories is by far one of the best providers of content that I have incorporated in the show. The value that the videos add is tremendous and I thank you for that. 
All my  best, 
Naomi Westgard 
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