Content Marketing For Business & Consumer Insurance


Insurance is a tough content-marketing challenge. The topics are complex and fundamentally abstract; terminology is specialized, and insurance customers are tough to engage unless they're 'shopping' or making a claim.  Pulling out the keyboard and writing Yet Another Blog Post on the thrills of work-comp experience modifications, or the perils of uninsured motorists isn't going to set the Internet on fire, either. Customers don't really want to read more text about insurance - but give them bite-size videos and you'll get their attention. 

FFWD is just getting started with insurance, with a library for business insurance focused on Workers' Comp, and a library for consumer insurance, focused on Auto Insurance.

This playlist shows some of the 'explainer' videos available for insurance businesses.  Each branded video can be used to liven up websites, engage customers on social media, email and CRM, and shared 1/1 by your team from any smartphone. 

You'll get the content and technology for incredible leading-edge marketing and service.

The difficult technology work is done for you, too.  Website imports are easy - or we'll handle them for you.  Delivery is managed globally, with device-sensing and mobile-friendly playback.

Enterprise and Team subscribers get a leading-edge video marketing platform that can integrate with email/CRM platforms to track viewers by name, across multiple videos.

Enterprise customers also have the option of co-branding video with business partner for 'through-reach' into the market.  Exclusivity may be available on certain libraries - see Enterprise page for details.

Samples Of Available Videos

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Useful Content Is The King Of Connections

Expensive communications systems - CRMs, email marketing, social-media management - are like empty railroad cars. They only deliver value when they carry content 'freight' that engages customers and partners to bring you more business.

Video is the perfect complement to in-house writing and brand materials.  See what a turnkey video-content service can do to help your insurance business grow.