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Friendly consumer-facing video content meets both consumer and company/compliance needs.  We can help you help your agencies with cutting-edge branded content.

With best-in-class integration to CRM and marketing systems, the FFWD Enterprise solution provides:

  • Enterprise-branded content
  • Sub-branding options for branches, teams and agents.
  • Co-branding options for business partners
  • Detailed but non-intrusive verification, metrics and analytics
  • Increased sales productivity - less time explaining the basics, more time servicing.
  • Marketing content for email, social media and websites
  • A "No Silo" approach to video content - multiply the power of your sales & marketing systems with video
  • 100% cloud-based - no infrastructure, no up-front license costs, rapid ROI

Call to discuss integration, marketing capabilities, data and sub-branding / co-branding strategy.

  • The Workers' Comp library provides 5 distinctive assets, packed with information. 
  • The Auto Insurance library provides 7 videos covering all basic coverage type, captioned in English and Spanish.
  • Enterprise branding options including post-roll and pre-roll content.
  • Custom video production avaialble.

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Insurance Library Previews

Workers' Comp Series

As important as it is, Workers' Comp insurance is complex and poorly understood.  These short videos de-mystify the essential terms and steps involved in setting and controlling comp rates.

They are designed to help insurance companies and consultants conduct a more-informed dialogue about comp strategy with business owners.  With simple but charming visuals, clear language and a dash of humor, they are also useful for businesses in educating their workers about what's really involved in comp insurance.

Topics covered include:

  • Workers' Comp Basics
  • Classifications
  • Experience Modifications
  • Audits
  • Injury and Recover Management

This content was developed in conjunction with
the Institute for WorkComp Professionals. By special arrangement, the Institute offers Enterprise-level re-rendered versions of this content at certain membership levels.  Review Institute member benefits here. 

Auto Insurance Series

What does comprehensive insurance cover?  How is that different from collision?  If I hit someone's house, is that a collision?  Hundreds of millions of motorists pay for something they don't really understand. 

These hand-drawn videos explain the basic types of auto coverage, including:

  • Collision Insurance
  • Comprehensive
  • Property Damage Liability
  • Uninsured Motorist Protection
  • Bodily Injury
  • Personal Injury Protection (general)
  • Personal Injury Protection - Florida-specific

The videos are closed-captioned in English and in Spanish.

The content was developed in consultation with an insurance agency and a personal-injury attorney. It is educational and neutral, aimed at explaining rather than selling coverage types.