Video Content Marketing For Insurance Agencies

Owned, Affiliated or Independent - Content Is Still King

All of the systems and tools in your business depend on one thing to do the job of growing business: CONTENT.  
Prospects don't call because you have a CRM system, but because it delivered a relevant, interesting message.  Video content multiplies the results from your marketing campaigns and systems - including social media - because it's the most engaging form of content.  

Team packages combine branded video content with best-in-class video marketing technology.  Your team can grow business faster with:

  • Branded content for web, email, social and mobile campaigns.
  • Personalized sub-branded libraries for key sales executives at incredibly reasonable rates.
  • Lead capture within each video (including sub-brands), integrated directly into your email or CRM system* 
  • Video-sharing portal for desktop and mobile. 
  • Named viewers and video metrics for marketing and compliance needs.

Fast SaaS implementation puts branded content in your hands to start moving more business within days. See the Team Solution page for additional benefits and features.


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Insurance Team Library Previews

Workers' Comp Series

As important as it is, Workers' Comp insurance is complex and poorly understood.  These short videos de-mystify the essential terms and steps involved in setting and controlling comp rates.

They are designed to help insurance companies and consultants conduct a more-informed dialogue about comp strategy with business owners.  With simple but charming visuals, clear language and a dash of humor, they are also useful for businesses in educating their workers about what's really involved in comp insurance.

Topics covered include:

  • Workers' Comp Basics
  • Classifications
  • Experience Modifications
  • Audits
  • Injury and Recover Management

This content was developed in conjunction with
the Institute for WorkComp Professionals. By special arrangement, the Institute offers Enterprise-level re-rendered versions of this content at certain membership levels.  Review Institute member benefits here. 

Auto Insurance Series

What does comprehensive insurance cover?  How is that different from collision?  If I hit someone's house, is that a collision?  Hundreds of millions of motorists pay for something they don't really understand. 

These hand-drawn videos explain the basic types of auto coverage, including:

  • Collision Insurance
  • Comprehensive
  • Property Damage Liability
  • Uninsured Motorist Protection
  • Bodily Injury
  • Personal Injury Protection (general)
  • Personal Injury Protection - Florida-specific

The videos are closed-captioned in English and in Spanish.

The content was developed in consultation with an insurance agency and a personal-injury attorney. It is educational and neutral, aimed at explaining rather than selling coverage types.