Real Estate Marketing Content


Content marketing is how things work today; 30%-50% of marketing budgets are going to content, according to various sources!  In fact, most of the marketing systems in your business depend on one thing to do the job of growing business: CONTENT.

Prospects don't call because you have a CRM system, but because it delivered a relevant, interesting message.  Video content multiplies the results from your marketing campaigns and systems because it's more engaging. 


Our unique 'content-a-as-service' plans give you the best video-marketing tools available, with zero technical hassles. Branding & setup takes 2 business days on average, including proofs & feedback. Unlimited delivery included. All subscriptions provide:

  • Sharing Portal for Mobile & Desktop
  • Pre-built Website Libraries & Import Files
  • Social-Media Sharing
  • Optional Compliance Records
    (who saw what, when)


Companies with existing hosting or external social-media assistance 'looking for content' can opt for single payment downloads.  Plans include a la carte and lower-cost video libraries that parallel the subscription libraries.  This option provides:

  • HD Video Files, available instantly
  • Perpetual use-it-forever licensing
  • Self-serve branding - tweak until happy
  • Native upload to Facebook, YouTube and others

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