Order Tonight, Video By Lunchtime

A nice gent named Paul Diaz filled in our Get One Free form last night at about 9PM Pacific time.  He's in Florida, so I'm going to assume he's a night owl.  I saw the new-order alert on my phone, but wasn't in the office.

The next morning we:

  • put together the brand visual with his logo & contact details
  • set up video-hosting project for him
  • added the video he'd requested ("How Do I Set The Price On My House?")
  • put his brand visual on the video
  • customized a Wordpress and plain-text import file
  • sent him everything - credentials, files, instructions

Around 11AM Pacific, I thought to look at his web site.

The video was already there!  Kudos Mr. Diaz!

Here's the cool thing (at least, we think it's cool.)  If he'd ordered the full library (85 videos currently), they could have been on his web site by lunchtime as well.

We spent a considerable amount of development and engineering time to be able to send Wordpress/text articles with each client's video content pre-embedded.  

If you think adding 10 or 20 or even 85 articles and videos to your content assets might help your clients and your business...give it a try. Sign up tonight and have it done by lunchtime tomorrow.


Paul D. Diaz, Sr., P.A. - Paul D. Diaz, Sr., P.A..png